interior design services

anne’s ideals

Whether you have bought a brand new house recently or simply are looking to remodel or revamp the looks of your current home Anne can help you with this. When taking up a project Anne is focused on your budget and your visual aesthetics preferences. Anne’s approach to the entire design process is highly personalized, creating solutions that meet each individual client’s needs and budget.

Anne believes that design has to reflect every individual client. She believes that when leaving the project the house is the client’s taste and values.


  • 90 Minutes
  • Site visit to help generate ideas for design improvements to your space
  • Design suggestions to include client’s personal style and existing room décor

custom design

  • Project-specific design service
  • Design consultation with rough room sketch and suggestions for layout, color theme and furniture
  • Aesthetic selections to blend with room details as needed
  • Package to include rough room budget

full service design

  • Full-sourcing service for all materials as well as set up and final presentation
  • Design consultation with scaled room drawings and furniture layout
  • Aesthetic selections to include, but not limited to, room color, furniture and fabric
  • Detailed package with pricing to match desired budget

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